Material Analysis

We offer our expertise in interpreting analytical results
      ● Chemistry
      ● Microscopy
      ● X – ray analysis
      ● Morphology – SEM
      ● Granulation - Laser method
      ● TG – DTG – DTA

Technology Solutions

Our team will investigate each production challenge or customer request and offer the best technology solution. Improvement of the quality and productivity of the technology flow or reduction of energy consumption and production costs, are among the most important issues and common requests in steel plants.

      ● We offer professional advice based on our extensive experience in working with various companies presenting different challenges. Such experience is invaluable and allows us to offer tested solutions to each new customer. Our recommendations provide a guiding framework for implementing successful changes in a research setting.
      ● We offer demonstrative testing in sinter pilot plant. It is welcome in the raw materials recipe establish process.
      ● Each solution offered to our customers is previously tested onsite, in our own laboratories.
      ● We offer advice on proper maintenance and handling of the sintering and Blast Furnace process. If production anomalies occur, our technical expertise will allow a prompt restoration.
      ● We also offer a recycling technology for ferrous dust waste and sludge from the steel plants.

Laboratory Experimental Testing

Our company has a successful testing protocol established; we use an experimental approach in the laboratory or utilize the industrial conditions of the Iron & Steel plant. During the experimental design, a D-optimal criterion for planning matrixes is often applied. We have a proven methodology for physical models we use in sinter tests, where customized conditions are simulated in the sinter pilot plant. To check the experimental results we employ statistical tests such as:
      ● Cochran and Bartlett test to test result reproducibility.

The principal scheme of our sinter pilot plant shown here is composed of:
      ● Sinter pot
      ● Granulations drum
      ● Shutter test
      ● Pol test
      ● Most of the laboratory or pilot equipments are a result of our own projects
      ● We monitor the transition from the pilot setting into the industrial setting
      ● Rigorous monitoring of experimental results ensures high accuracy
      ● We use our software to test and interpret the processing results.
      ● Our research is the basis of the technoly solutions we offer.

Process Modeling & Optimization

In our practice, a pattern is created in any research project, and statistical controls are carried out:
      ● the regress coefficients are checked by the T-Student test
      ● the pattern concordance is checked by Fischer test

Thanks to our long history in model-building we use a special program based on multifactorial and nonlinear models to describe the metallurgical process.
Our data indicate that there is no linear relation between the variables in the metallurgical process and that the results are better represented by regress equations of the second degree.
A correlational analysis is usually carried out and utilizing the "Leader" method, a multivariable problem is converted into a single variable with the objective of parameter optimization. We take advantage of several optimization methods and strategies to offer a customized solution.
For the sinter process, we utilize a prediction model based on Scheffers’ ternary diagram model. The software receives the input data in a chemical analysis format and granulation size of raw materials. It thendelivers the optimal recipe for raw materials, sintering productivity, sinter quality etc. The industrial process relating to the sinter pot is simulated.

Technology Projects


Our research work is the necessary foundation upon which technology projects are built. Based on the customer’s orders, a representative sample of raw materials is prepared by our research team. Through active experimenting in pilot plants, the optimal parameters regime is obtained.
Initially, a prototype is generated and its quality is analyzed. If the customer’s needs are met, all technical and financial indicators will be detailed.
Lastly, our company focuses on the research of recycling technology of metallurgical dust waste and sludge removal.

Ferrous Waste Management

Lately, the ferrous waste processing becomes the most important problem in Romanian Iron Steel Plants, it’s not resolved yet. In the steel plants, different waste storage spaces are fulfill. In our opinion, waste processing is most efficiently and more integral solution than investments in the new waste storage.

We big picture images for the multilateral solution recommend. A integral recovery of the utile elements from ferrous wastes, a most shortly possible technological flux, low energy consumption and it recuperate possibility, low-cost production and investment budget dawn, necessity for a fast and overcast solution, that are some of our objective establish which answered to customer requests.

The envirement is our research work priority and we try to obtain in each technological solution the low posible CO2 emissions level. For CEA dust, BOF and BF sludge, sintering electrofilter dust, Pyrit Ash we have research work do, create the date base and have some solutions yet.

Technical Assistance

In any industrial technological application, realized by the our research work, we offer the assistance to put it into service. That suppouse the writted support documentation be done, the guide for good practice and our implication to assure the success of the projected, goods quality to be obtainede and productivity index.

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