Grant funds accessing

      ● Structural funds POSCCE, POSDRU, POSM, POR
            ● Financing request writing
            ● Marketing study drawing up
            ● Business plan conception
      ● National funds in the research field
            ● INOVATION program
            ● PARTENERIAT program

The management of financing projects implementation

      ● Monitoring process,
      ● Control process,
      ● HR Management,
      ● Configuration Management,
      ● Risk Management,
      ● Change Management,
      ● Cash-flow following, intern Audit,
      ● Phase Report

Project Management

To attract the national or European program funds for grow by knowledge, competitively, environment and research investments is most actual to use the PMi standard to draw out the project proposals Our company offer consultancy in this field. In each project, research work or customer requests, the PMi standard is usually apply. Is most important for us to help the our customer in request formulation, we guide them in projects definition process and in this way the objectives to be best stabilized.

SWOT, Ishikawa and Pareto analyze for customers intern - extern environment will be done, and a optimal WBS be establish, which assure the lowest project budget.

We use PM standard tools & techniques like: Arrow Diagram method, Critical path method, Schedule compression, Gantt Diagram, Resource leveling PM software etc.

Having experience and using experimental research results, we may offer a high accuracy in cost estimating process and in the project funding requirements establish.

Cash Flow, Cost Baseline and Funding Display diagram building are some of PM tools will be usual practices in any proposal case.

Production management

Product efficiency in the Iron & Steel Works.
Raw materials quality and structure.
Technological demagies analyze on Blast Furnace and Steel plants.
Solution, Environmental management.
Change Management.
Risk Management.
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