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BF Process Simulation

      Research work 2005, (pdf gallery)

      In actual stage, MSPEFF – software, presented a operation mean "of-line". By computer model , in date configuration of the technological parameters regime this simulating software of the BF process, it inform users about BF thermal state, energy consumption and most of technical and economical indexes are posted.
      This process static model supply in real time a lot of information by an acceptable accuracy about the thermal state of the upper or inferior BF zones. Its a good mean for process prediction and raw materials planning. Before any change of the parameters regime, the BF operators can use it, for to know the move direction of the thermal state in BF inferior zone. Introducing the chemical content changes of the raw materials (sinter, pellet, ore), the process reactions can be predicted. Using this software a more efficient BF operation will be guarantee.
      Iron ores compounds are: iron, sterile elements and oxygen. Before saving operation of the introduced raw material characteristics in date base of program, a checking criteria is applied. The mean value of the O/Fe relation, calculate in kg-mol is a good criteria for analyzes accuracy checking. A raw material analyze with O/Fe > 1,5 is unacceptable and is not saved in MSPEFF. In the planning process by this program the sample representatives of the raw materials is the first condition for a good real prediction be obtained.
      The global parameters personalize this model for BF-3 of Arcelor Mittal Galati integrate steel plant. The local parameters evolution must be introduce by user for a momentary BF thermal state examination.

      In BF operation practice have four groups of the principal operator parameters:
      ● Carbon input : coke rate, coal injected rate, methane gas blast rate;
      ● Oxygen input : hot air blast, oxygen rate injection, vapor rate injection;
      ● Heat input : blast hot air temperature;
      ● Charge volume and materials structure;

      In conditions of a date configuration of raw materials structure, charge volume and it chemical characteristics, in MSPEFF looking for an optimal combination of the other operators, you'll have to find a good thermal state of BF inferior zone, a good gas output, by temperature and chemical contain point of view and lowest production cost of pig iron be done.

      Material balance outputs are:
      ● Pig iron and slag composition;
      ● Slag yield, kg/ton pig iron;
      ● Charge unit structure and it componets rate, kg/unit;
      ● Gas composition, CO, CO2, H2;
      ● BF productivity, ton/h, ton/day;
      ● Short production cost, $/ton;

      The optional condition date and limits are:
      ● Slag basicity B2 or B4;
      ● MgO content in the slag;
      ● Charge unit iron yield, ton/unit;

      Thermal balans outputs are :
      ● Pig iron temperature;
      ● Teoretical flame temperature;
      ● Top evacuated gas temperature;
      ● Energy input and output for upper and inferior BF zone, MJ/ton;

      In this model are used the principles of Rist, Chardaun and Reinchardt diagrams.

      A original interface and easy to use is the command panel where program users can modify each operator parameter and in the same time to see the results of simulated process.
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