Our team

Our Company was created by a group of researchers, who have significant professional experience in the metallurgical primary sector. In present, Parteners which assure Management si Developement Strategy staff for Migral Ltd. are:

Dr.ing. Demi Perparim - MANAGER
Senior researcher & PM

Expertise in the following areas: raw materials, Briquetting- Sintering – Peletizing- Blast Furnace process, Steel electrical furnace, residual ferrous sludge and dust recycling, metallurgical processes modeling-optimization , synthetic mineralogy, sintering-peletizing pilot and industrial plant designing etc.
32 years of experience
Author of several research articles and books etc
Proficient in: English, Russian, French, Romanian, Albanian

Carmen Demi Mariana – HR, Strategy Manager at Migral
Psychologist, Advanced Master Coach NLP & PM.for EU Structural Funds.

She is an expert in: Human Resources Management Consultancy , Organizational Audit for Human Resources procedures, Organizational Comunication Processes, Facilitating & Training Programms, Team-Building, Team-Coaching, Personal Coaching, Executive Coaching, Business Coaching.
She works in close co-operation with companys and brings achievements, goals and lead toward outcomes many people from this companys.
She is the author of hundreds of articles, in areas like: Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Counseling for Life issues, and many others themes.

The research-development, consulting and coaching activities, in present are unrolling in collaboration with a large team of specialists and experts, which have a multiple experience in domains such as: Research, Facilitating and Training Programs, Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Soft Programming, Management, Marketing and assimilated other services.

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